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Getting Started – Tips and Tricks for Project Ares Success

4 basic tips and tricks for Project Ares® success.

Tips for Getting Started

Test your network

Make sure your tech is compatible.

Check your browser

Project Ares is fully compatible with Edge, Chrome and Firefox.
TIP: For the smoothest experience, we recommend using Chrome in an incognito or guest window.

Request your sessions

Project Ares sessions are generated on-demand. If you anticipate heavy use of a scenario, be sure to request its availability ahead of time to guarantee quick loading times by emailing [email protected]!

Save your session

Your game may take a few minutes to fully save. Once you’ve exited back to the Project Ares world map, make sure to wait for the message in the bottom-left of your screen to confirm that your game has been saved.

Check your connection to Project Ares:
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