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Circadence has been committed to revolutionizing cybersecurity training from national security to the classroom by delivering market leading, immersive virtual environments for cyber awareness and learning worldwide. 

About Us

A market leader in next-generation cybersecurity readiness.  

Powered by a culture of innovation and the demands of an evolving cyber landscape, Circadence’s core focus is cybersecurity infrastructure, simulation, and education at multiple levels of complexity to bridge academic, enterprise, and government use cases. 

We build virtual representations of IT networks to be digital twins of advanced high-fidelity environments. 

Our Approach

Our unique approach to cybersecurity training stems from the power of gamification and active-learning models.  

Circadence’s cybersecurity training leverages gamified, cloud-based training and awareness platforms to provide personalized, agile capabilities at scale. 

  • Gamified-learning capabilities:  Enjoyable, approachable, scalable, and an enduring practice for the next generation of professionals. 
  • NIST/NICE Framework alignment:  Users can be confident they are training to industry-leading dimensions of cyber excellence. 
  • On Demand:  Accessible 24/7, and immersive, unlike other cyber training programs.  

Our Leadership

The Circadence leadership team and board of directors possess deep passion for service and unwavering commitment to protecting national security through cybersecurity solutions and services.  

Michael J. Moniz

Co-founder, President, and CEO

Christopher T. Blisard

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer

Brad Hayes

Chief Technology Officer

Peter-Christian Olivo

Executive Vice President and General Counsel

R. Bradley Prewitt

Executive Vice President, Government Relations and Development

Todd Kannegieter

Vice President, Finance

Phil Bolger

Vice President, Federal Business Group