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Project Ares is the perfect tool for any instructor wanting to incorporate practical, hands-on learning activities into their cybersecurity courses or training programs.

We help higher education institutions, government organizations, and enterprises align their learning objectives to cyber range exercises. Emulated networks-at-risk engage students in immersive virtual environments using real-world tools, network activity, and a large library of authentic threat scenarios.

Basic understanding of IT and Networking is recommended. From there, Project Ares cyber learning games and media library help novices get started with basic cybersecurity concepts.

Additional foundational skills are taught through hands-on exercises in the virtual range. They can be repeated with and without hints until mastered.

As users improve their skills and develop critical thinking abilities, Project Ares specialized training scenarios add more challenge. Complex individual and team-based scenarios include network recon and confronting threats like botnets, phishing and exfiltration, ransomware, and more.

As Project Ares instructional designers and cybersecurity specialists develop new learning activities and hands-on labs, they incorporate current adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures or TTPs.

Unlike compliance-driven teaching methods, gamified teaching tools help engage students through modern learning strategies. In an interactive, social setting, learners apply what they know to emulated environments and can compete as well through scores and badges. Progress measures like XP create a flow that keeps the student engaged and the learning focused.

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