Frequently Asked Questions

Project Ares is an online tool that you access via a browser. No download is required.

Upon purchase of a subscription, your account will be set up by the Circadence Customer Support team. You and your students or users will be invited by email to establish personal log-in credentials to access the training exercises.

Project Ares is accessed via a web browser.

System requirements for best performance are detailed here.

Project Ares is designed to be used on a laptop or PC. Many of the sections require the user to open multiple screens which would be very difficult on a phone.

System requirements for Project Ares are detailed here.

Project Ares foundational and specialized scenarios are designed for users with a background in IT, Networking, or InfoSec.

We suggest novices use the cyber learning games and media library first before engaging in the scenario activities.

The library of Project Ares learning exercises are aligned to the NIST/NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework for industry-leading cyber learning.

Learn more about the learning exercises and NICE Framework alignment in the Project Ares Learning Catalog.

Training with Project Ares can help students prepare for industry certifications, such as CISSP, Security +, CEH, etc. Project Ares gives users hands-on experience to increase the probability of successfully passing these tests. However, Project Ares is not tied directly to industry certification testing.

While a user needs internet access to log in to Project Ares, there is no access to the internet from the virtual machines that host the learning scenarios.

As a virtual cyber range, the Project Ares learning scenarios are sandbox environments that create a safe space for learning without impacting the production networks at an institution or organization.

Through the Trainer View interface, an instructor or manager can make adjustments that affect how their students experience the training scenarios.

  • Hints can be turned on or off.
  • Help through the Athena chatbot can be turned on or off.

However, trainers and players cannot add additional learning content to the platform.

The Project Ares team offers a customization service package to create learning scenarios for customers at an additional fee. Schedule a call to discuss Project Ares services.

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