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Outsmart Adversaries with Hands-On Cyber Range Training

Defending digital borders? Protecting threatened systems?

Whether a full or part-time cyber warrior (federal or regional), preparedness is the ultimate goal.

Train for yourself, your unit, your community, your region. Because at the end of the day, a well-trained warrior can better halt cyber warfare and predict the unpredictable.

Project Ares can be easily purchased with P-Card or GSA. It's an award-winning online cyber security training platform suitable for any business looking to persistently harden its posture with a people-first approach. We can help you:

Volatile economic times + Social unrest + Uncertainty

A trifecta of ingredients ripe for cyber adversaries to leverage for attacks.

Without proper training in place, federal and regional cyber warrior cannot protect the digital and physical spaces that businesses and civilians rely on as vehicels of connection and commerce

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Use training budgets wisely. Practive cyber security skills when it's convenient for you!

An investment in hands-on cyber range training

  • Improves cyber warfighting   and operations for air, land, and sea
  • Exceeds cyber readiness  standards and meets stringent policies
  • Modernizes lethal forces  to deepen interoperability
  • Develops greater performance and accountability  among professionals
  • Ensures a secure cyber environment  for all communities and groups

Regional Cyber Forces

  • More than 104 ransomware attacks targeted state and local government agencies
  • Only 38% of respondents working for state and local governments said they had received training, leaving a great deal of room for improvement.

Federal Cyber Forces

  • 74% of federal agencies security programs were deemed ‘at risk’ or ‘high risk’
  • The U.S. is only the 17th ‘Most Cyber-Secure’ Country, dropping from its 5th ranking previously (Comparitech)

Now is the time to proactively train cyber operators!

A hands-on learning platform that uses cyber range-as-a-service-technology to deliver Virtual-Machine-based training excersises to augment cyber security readiness.
Teams demonstrate cyber "fitness" anytime, anywhere, to show performance improvement. So when a crisis hits, they can respond efficiently.
Cyber preparedness is the lock and consistent training is the key

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Incidents and Innovations in Government Cyber Security Training.

Minimize your drill week through hands-on practice and testing of skills.
Keep accurate training reports of progress.
Limitless number of trainees can learn at any time, all at once, or on their terms.
Provide an ever-present training environment accessible anywhere in the world; ideal for remote training.

Invest in your cyber security team!

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