What is a Watering Hole?

What is a Watering Hole_

Cyber criminals are clever and know how to evolve. They’ve proven this once again with their latest cyber-attack strategy, the Watering Hole Attack, which leverages cloud services to help gain access to even the most secure and sophisticated enterprises and government agencies. Recognizing a watering hole attack and how it …

Safe Holiday Shopping

Online shopping is the new norm in today’s world, replacing brick and mortar shops one transaction at a time. With this shift in online consumerism, cybercriminals are taking notice. To mitigate the risks that come from online shopping, there are a few things you can do to better protect yourself.

What is a Red Team?

A “Red Team” is a group of people trained in the art of hacking, but using their skills for “good” (also known as an ethical, or white hat hacker). This group challenges an organization to improve its effectiveness by assuming an adversarial role or point of view.

What is Cyber Risk?

Most simply, cyber risk means any risk of financial loss, disruption or damage to the reputation of an organization from some sort of failure of its information technology systems. Cyber risk attempts to measure, in dollars lost, the impact of events based on their probability and severity.

What is Phishing?

Most of us have probably heard about cyber adversaries using methods such as Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Whaling, Pharming, Drive by Downloads and Watering Holes creative ways to steal users credentials. These cleverly named attacks have been around for years but are still one of the most successful methods used to gain …

What is DevSecOps?

In today’s application development landscape, cyber attacks have become more frequent and sophisticated. Security architects are looking for new ways to ensure their products are safe and working properly for customers.