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Learning cyber terms, concepts, and practices should never stop. To keep fundamental cyber knowledge sharp, watch the video, THEN test your learning with a quiz. Listen carefully in the video to select the correct answers according to the narrative. You’ll receive a score to share on social media to encourage your professional network to keep learning cyber security anytime, anywhere

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Q1 - What is a browser-based cyber range?

  1. A virtual environment where cyber professionals can train and build skills without impacting business operations from anywhere, anytime
  2. A technology studio in California where IT professionals go to train in-person on the latest cyber threats and practices.
  3. A separate physical environment where cyber security activities and tests can be performed safely.
  4. A mobile app for cyber security professionals to use to practice abilities.

Q2 - What is one benefit of training in a cyber range?

  1. Trainees can test recovery practices freely and in real-time on emulated networks
  2. Trainees practice cyber skills for a limited amount of time based on the range’s capacity.
  3. Trainees get the chance to break and restore real live company networks

Q3 - What are the main benefits of moving cyber range to the cloud?

  1. It places limitations on how frequently a professional can train.
  2. It makes learning in a physical classroom obsolete.
  3. It reduces the number of trainees allowed to practice skills in a set environment.
  4. It allows for unparalleled flexibility and scalability of cyber training.

Q4 - What does CyRaaS stand for?

  1. Cyber range as a system
  2. Cyber range as a service
  3. Cyber range as a standard
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