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Transitions to the Cloud: Considerations for Cyber Training and Readiness

There many changes occurring in the cybersecurity sector and across all industries looking to adapt and harden posture in turbulent times; namely, shifts to cloud-based or hybrid cloud infrastructures poses new challenges and creates new opportunities for information security professionals. While business opportunities emerge and excite leaders, cyber professionals are often left seeking the latest knowledge, skills and abilities needed to execute tactics and techniques in these new environments.

We invite you to join Karl Gosset, VP of Content Development at Circadence for an overview of cloud security and cyber training.


Karl Gossett
VP of Content Development
Circadence Corporation

Atendees will Learn

  • Top challenges to be aware of if shifting cybersecurity to the cloud
  • Ways to build skills and competencies (including agility and skills transfer)
  • First-hand stories (and lessons learned) of efforts to secure the cloud using live, interactive tools and knowledge sharing

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