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Save time teaching cybersecurity with project-based learning in Project Ares

Grading, technology adoption and managing labs can take today’s cyber educators away from what matters most: teaching their students about cybersecurity and preparing them for the workforce. A study from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  found that “teachers spend half of their working time in non-teaching activities…” It’s time to give teachers their time back.

Give students an asynchronous learning experience complete with hands-on, work-based practice in Project Ares – a gamified cyber-range-as-a-service platform.

A hands-on cyber profession requires hands-on experience.

Built-in, ready-to-implement foundational and specialized exercises are reflective of modern workplace cyber threats and incidents—so educators can effectively align lesson plan topics and learning objectives to the skills acquired in Project Ares. Educators can easily review and assess student learning progress in the platform in the Trainer View section of the platform and even act as an adversary in scenarios to guide and challenge students.

DOWNLOAD A SAMPLE CYBER CURRICULUM  that uses Project Ares cyber range labs.With Project Ares, cyber educators can spend time teaching again. They can work collaboratively with students to address learning gaps and strengths and they will have peace of mind knowing the skills students are learning (forensics, scripting, incident response, etc.) are acquired using real tools like Splunk, Kali Linux, and Wireshark.


Several educational institutions at the Secondary and Postsecondary level have already chosen Project Ares as the hands-on learning lab component to their teaching objectives.

Short of some form of internship at an employer as a cybersecurity engineer, I cannot envision a better means of exposing learner’s to “real world” security work. – Dr. James Barker, Capella University

Project Ares provides the experiential learning component that enhances any cyber curriculum. With skill and talent gaps in demand, students are in need of real hands-on-keyboard experience in the classroom so they can build the confidence and skills needed to enter the workforce (or at least go into a job interview) with confidence and competency.

CYBER EDUCATORS: Make distance learning cyber courses more engaging while conserving time and energy on course development and improvements. It is never too late to start improving cyber class learning.

Take a look inside Project Ares with us