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QA is Combating the Global Shortage of cybersecurity Professionals


As the business world shifts to more remote work, there has been an influx of threats that exacerbates existing cybersecurity challenges. The frequency of malicious breaches is mind-blowing with the volume of sensitive personal and financial information costing $6 trillion USD globally in 2021.

There is some encouraging news. The global cybersecurity skills shortage has fallen for the second consecutive year. The cybersecurity Workforce Gap decreased to 2.72 million last year compared to 3.12 million in 2020. However, even though the decrease in the workforce gap is trending positively, the gap remains a prominent long-term challenge. The cybersecurity workforce size is still 65% below what it needs to be, according to the latest figures from ISC.

QA,a digital skills and cybersecurity workforce development company in the UK, is working diligently to tackle this challenge with training solutions that benefit the global cybersecurity posture.

QA’s Cybersecurity Apprentice Programs provide a foundational skill set that is marketable for learners to help build career growth in the workforce. QA’s philosophy is that everything starts with the cybersecurity learner. Transforming the lives and careers of these learners is what motivates all of QA’s programs. Through the Cyber Apprentice programs, QA succeeds where recruiters cannot, finding diverse and ambitious talent and arming them with the technology and cybersecurity skills businesses need to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.

“The increase in the global supply of cybersecurity professionals is encouraging. But QA is being realistic about the skills gap the world is still facing and continues working diligently to increase the pool of talented cybersecurity professionals globally.”

Laurie Webb, Project Ares Director of Global Partnerships


QA’s Apprentice Programs highlight developing and advancing skills of young professionals by providing foundational training and work experience that applies to today’s business world. To address the technology skills gap, the QA team leverages Project Ares as an educational tool to bring the practical hands-on keyboard and immersive learning into their workforce development cybersecurity courses. QA has taught over 150 learners using Project Ares and provided more opportunity and experience to the young workforce as a result. Project Ares’ game-inspired, web-based platform engages and empowers student learning. Hands-on training and active-learning models increase retention rates by up to 75% .

Gamified learning keeps participants engaged and excited about continuous training, helping them see the value of their capabilities.

“The Project Ares immersive cyber range environment provides a safe place for learners to practice all of the acquired hands-on skills throughout the program.”

Richard Beck, QA Director of Cyber


Project Ares provides apprentices with real-world progressive technical ‘in-game’ assessments. The gamified learn-by-doing solution allows instructors to track ongoing assessments, achievements, and measure learners’ progress throughout the program.

With QA, apprentices can expect to gain qualifications valued by the world’s most profitable tech sector organizations. From apprentice to junior professional, QA graduates emerge into the technology industry with the skills needed for success.

“Project Ares is a much more engaging way to learn new things…you’re given context on what you’re supposed to achieve and given logical steps on how to approach it. Rather than being told how to do it, you’re encouraged to try new things on your own”

QA Student

The QA Cybersecurity Practice offers the UK’s broadest and deepest end-to-end curriculum of cyber training programmes through its global learning ecosystem of 50+ cyber industry partners, including cyber digital platform providers like Circadence.

  • The learning solutions from QA are available across a range of delivery methods, including instructor-led virtual or in-person options.
  • Throughout its rich collection of cyber focused Boot Camps, Training Programmes, and Apprenticeships, QA incorporates hands-on Project Ares labs for applied learning.
  • These skilling services provide organisations of all sizes with a source of accredited, early-career, and specialised cyber talent.

The mission of the QA Cybersecurity Practice is aligned to the 2022 UK National Cyber Strategy: To strengthen the UK cyber ecosystem by enhancing and expanding the nation’s cyber skills at every level.

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