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3 Ways to Use the Project Ares “Group Workout” Rooms

Surrounding yourself at the gym with like-minded gym-goers who have common goals is super motivating! Whether your team works together to flip a giant tire through the mud or follow a guided yoga class, group workouts are a great way to tackle old exercises from a new perspective.

We’ve talked about thinking about Project Ares like a gym in previous blogs in this series, so let’s take a look at the ways you can incorporate group “workouts” with your students by breaking down the 3 C’s: Competition, Collaboration, and Contextualization.


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Competition is what most of us think about when working out in a group setting, and for a good reason! A competitive spirit inspires us to do more.

Who hasn’t reached just a little further while staring at the ridiculously bendy gymnast in their yoga class or pumped out an extra set to one-up Mr. Muscles sitting at the weight machine next door?

That drive to be the best is no different on the Project Ares training ground and we’ve got everything you need to bring out the competitive edge in your students.

💡 Tip!

Boost your students’ competitive instincts by using the custom Leaderboard in your Trainer Tools.(Not sure how? Check it out here.)


Sometimes, teamwork is the best way to work through a challenge because it allows students to innovate, take risks, and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They teach and learn from each other while honing the teamwork skills that make up a huge component of daily tasks in the workforce!

On the Project Are training ground, the Specialized Mission Scenarios, with their detailed, plot-driven storylines, are a great place for students to work together to take down the “bad guys”. 😉

💡 Tip!

Your students have the option to join Specialized Mission Scenarios as a team or individually.


When introducing new cybersecurity tools and concepts with Project Ares, students aren’t sitting at their desks and taking notes — they’re in “the gym” with you, their personal trainer, “lifting weights” as you lead them through a training session. Contextualization allows for this type of hands-on learning.

For students who are just getting their feet wet, this final “C” is a physical reinforcement of a new mental skill. It’s powerful for students because they feel encouraged to ask questions, stay motivated, and — most importantly — have fun while learning.

💡 Tip!

For other study materials for beginner students, check out your Cyber Learning Games .

Keep it up!

At this point, you can:

  1. Design your students’ training plan.
  2. Choose from the equipment available to you.
  3. Avoid common pitfalls.
  4. Incorporate group “workouts” into your classroom.

Now your students are set up for success in your classroom! 🎉

The only hurdle left is keeping your students inspired and motivated to come back day after day. In the next and final post of this cyber gym series, we’ll talk about 7 ways to ensure that your students continue to lace up their sneakers until they reach the finish line. 💪

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