Project Ares Students: a conversation with Ken Perez

Ken Perez – an alum of the SacCARES (Sacramento Cares) Cybersecurity Accelerator from our Project Ares partners at Inteligenca – discusses working for a financial audit company to following his dream of studying Cybersecurity.

6 Common Mistakes in the Project Ares Gym

How to Design Cybersecurity Workout Schedules and Equipment for Teaching

Is there a wrong way to “do the gym”? In our experience, every uncertainty encountered in the Project Ares gym can be boiled down to one of six basic mistakes.

Why You Need a Cyber Training Plan (& Which to Choose!)

Why you need a cyber training plan and which to choose

In every gym, you’ll find a variety of Personal Trainers. The Project Ares cyber gym is no different! As a Trainer in Project Ares, you’ll take all kinds of ideas into account in order to help your students make the virtual gains of their cyber training dreams.

The Ultimate Trainer’s Guide to the Project Ares Cyber Gym

The ultimate Trainer's guide to the Project Ares cyber gym

Project Ares is a cyber-gym that’s chock-full of digital treadmills, virtual weight racks, and high-tech yoga mats designed to help Players get the training they need to reach their cyber-six pack goals. But just like at the gym, showing up is only the first step.

Project Ares is Like Your Personal Gym

Project Ares is like your personal cyber gym

Not every organization is blessed with an endless educational budget. (If only that were the case!)  But why should that stop you from having a killer, cyber skill-building training program?