Where do you
teach cybersecurity?

In the Classroom

In the Armed Forces

On the Job

Teach Cyber Security

Enrich my lab environment with hands-on learning exercises that enable students to practice skills. Improve enrollment in cyber security courses.

Improve Cyber Security

Build and practice personal cyber skills to impact the cyber readiness of an organization, improve job performance, and grow your career.

Protect my Organization

Equip IT and cyber professionals with the skills they need to stop persistent threats—because organizational reputation and financial wellbeing are at stake.

Circadence is dedicated to cyber training and education

We help new and seasoned cyber security professionals embrace a new way to train and develop cyber security skills and competencies.

We gamify cyber learning so IT and infosec professionals can enjoy cyber training.

We make learning cyber hands-on so skills acquisition and maturation is relevant to specific readiness needs.

We believe in immersive learning so institutions, organizations and individuals can make persistent cyber training a habitual part of their readiness goals.

Project Ares is an award-winning, gamified cyber security learning platform that helps students and professionals build and keep skills sharp against evolving cyber threats. Practice and progress in the hands-on platform with foundational, intermediate and advanced cyber learning content. Its patented cyber range-as-a-service technology delivers authentic virtual machine-based exercises so cyber preparation is as true-to-life as it gets.