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Learning cyber terms, concepts, and practices should never stop. To keep fundamental cyber knowledge sharp, watch the video, THEN test your learning with a quiz. Listen carefully in the video to select the correct answers according to the narrative. You’ll receive a score to share on social media to encourage your professional network to keep learning cyber security anytime, anywhere

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Q1 - What are examples in the video of ways to socially engineer a victim?

  1. Unverified solicitation
  2. All the above
  3. Phishing and pretexting
  4. Garbled subject lines in an email

Q2 - What is human hacking?

  1. An attacker relies on coercion and clever research versus hacking machines
  2. An attacker targets individuals at their workplace to exploit sensitive data
  3. Several targets groups of people are attacked with malicious malware at the same time

Q3 - Which of these is NOT a part of the social engineering attack cycle?

  1. All the above
  2. Execution to gain access to information
  3. Establishing a relationship with the victim
  4. Information gathering
  5. Exploitation to divulge information

Q4 - Persuasion and confidence are two key elements to effective social engineering.

  1. True
  2. False
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