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Learning cyber terms, concepts, and practices should never stop. To keep fundamental cyber knowledge sharp, watch the video, THEN test your learning with a quiz. Listen carefully in the video to select the correct answers according to the narrative. You’ll receive a score to share on social media to encourage your professional network to keep learning cyber security anytime, anywhere

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Q1 - What is the primary intent of DevSecOps?

  1. To place security earlier in the application development lifecycle
  2. To make application development more complicated and prolong the security process.
  3. To develop applications first and then add on security afterward.

Q2 - What parts of the application development lifecycle are automated under DevSecOps?

  1. Deployment and Packaging.
  2. Building, Testing, Packaging, and Deployment
  3. Testing and Packaging.

Q3 - How many components to DevSecOps are there?

  1. 7
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 5

Q4 - What does the term ‘shifting left’ mean?

  1. Saving application development testing until right before deployment.
  2. Offloading aspects of application development onto third-party contractors to increase efficiencies
  3. Moving application development deadlines out further than expected.
  4. Software is tested at every phase of its development with security measures in place

Q5 - What is one benefit of implementing DevSecOps?

  1. More automation and security from the start, reduces the risk of human errors like misconfigurations.
  2. Application developers and IT professionals can work separately toward individual goals without concern for security.
  3. Operations, security, and development teams can share responsibilities and workloads equally to expediate application development processes.
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