Teach Cyber Security
with Project Ares

Educators, do you struggle to keep students engaged in the cyber security classroom?

Are you looking for ways to make learning more hands-on so students build real-world skills?

Have you considered using a cyber range for experiential learning lab within your course material?

Project Ares is an award-winning virtual cyber range combined with security learning scenarios suitable for remote or in-person teaching.

Hands-on experience with real world tools
drives concepts home

Enrich curriculum with a pre-built cyber range.

ISC2 estimates that over 4 million cyber professionals will be needed to fill the widening industry skills gap.

Employers find graduates from many programs to be lacking in fundamentals knowledge, practical experience, and critical soft skills.Center of Strategic and Internationals Studies

Indeed, the future is bright for graduates if they are well prepared.

The cyber security field is rich with job opportunity!

There are openings for security work roles in companies of all sizes and industries.

The unexpected shift to distance learning has introduced challenges to educators and students. But, it is expected that online teaching will continue to blend with classroom activity long after pandemic issues subside.

Now is the time

for cyber educators to integrate a cyber range lab into their course material.

  • Build the bridge between cyber concepts and the practical application of cyber security skills
  • Universities, bootcamps, trade schools, and high schools place confidence in Project Ares because the cyber range comes with integrated learning exercises that easily align to course syllabi
  • No technical maintenance of a cyber range needed
  • Hands-on keyboard practice with real world tools, techniques, and adversaries prepare students to jump start their careers in IT cyber security

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** Note: Project Ares is NOT available for individual purchase.**

They are best used in training courses and certification prep from two of our Education Partners. You will find that these courses enrich learning by incorporating the Project Ares scenarios into a specific cyber curriculum and focus areas.

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Build an Immersive Cyber Curriculum with Project Ares: A use Case

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Increase student retention with realistic cyber scenarios.
Assess student performance against learning objectives.

Build career enabling skills.

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