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Hands-On Cyber Training
with Project Ares

Build skills to better manage, monitor, and assess risk & vulnerabilities. In the wake of advancing technology, security professionals have to prioritize securing products and securing services. It puts a lot on their plate.

Between log reviews, risk analysis, and continual monitoring, IT Technology professionals need training solutions to automate routine tasks while giving them the freedom to practice skills in ‘breakable environments’ to gracefully balance dual security responsibilities.

Hands-on cyber training can alleviate concerns that come out of challenges with infrastructure security and product devops. Cyber training needs to be more than resumé building.

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Encourage progressive skill development of IT Technology professionals

Upskill Cyber Teams with Artificial Intelligence and Gamified Learning.

Additional Resources

Build Your Resume: As you build your skills, align them to the NIST/NICE’s Work Role Framework.
Rank Yourself: How will your scores and XP stack up to others? Friendly competition through gamified elements can motivate your training.
Improve at Work: Train in realistic networks against real-world inspired threats to be better cyber defender for your organization.
Cyber is Complex: Be prepared. Integrate skills and optimize strategic thinking abilities with multi-faceted cyber activities.
Train on Your Own Schedule: with browser-based training available anytime, from any location.

Invest in your cyber security team!

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