Assess and Retain Cyber Security Talent

How do you find top cyber security talent for your company?

How do you ensure new employees have the skills they need to succeed in a new job role?

Do you have a platform to effectively test applicant's cyber capabilities?

Gosh, finding top cyber talent is hard!
I need to ensure that applicants have critical cyber skills our hiring managers are looking for
It's so important that new cyber security hires can hit the ground running when they start a new job.
Some sort of tool to help test and assess cyber aptitude would be very useful

Finding the right cyber security talent is time-consuming and costly.

Today, there are more than 2.8 million syber security professionals around the world - but it is not enough.

Hiring managers and Talent Acquisition leaders feel pressure to not just 'fill' positions but hire candidates for long-term success.


of their organization's cyber secuirty team is undestaffed


say they currently have unfilled cyber security positions on their team.


say it's difficult to retain existing cyber talent.


of existing professionals resign because of poor development and promotion opportunities.

Introducing Project Ares: An award-winning online cyber security skills and assesment and training platform for hiring manager. Put job candidate skills to the test - have them demonstrate their 'cyber fitness' in a cyber range environment.

Have candidates, show that their resumé, credentials, certifications, and accreditations truly reflect their ability to protect your organization's networks.

Assess and Hire Cyber Talent with Confidence!

View activity playback from candidates to assess their skills and competencies.
Enhance the screening process by having candiadtes complete built-in practitioner activites aligned to specified work roles of the positions.
Use Project Ares as a professional development tool to train teams and provide opportunities to grow in skill and knowledge = leading to happy employees and lower churn.

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** Note: Project Ares is NOT available for individual purchase.**

They are best used in training courses and certification prep from two of our Education Partners. You will find that these courses enrich learning by incorporating the Project Ares scenarios into a specific cyber curriculum and focus areas.

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Hire with Confidence and Retain Top Talent

Combat the growing skills shortage with immersive candidate skills assessment tools.

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How can you use Project Ares for cyber candidate skill assessment?

For example: If you’re hiring for an entry level Cyber Defense Analyst role, you might list the following tasks to have the candidate demonstrate skills in reconnaissance, sensor tuning, log aggregation and query, and network traffic analysis.

  • Analyze network traffic using Wireshark
  • Develop intrusion detection rules for Snort
  • Analyze a network security incident using packet capture utilities

This could be followed by a more open-ended scenario in Project Ares to analyze network traffic, identify malicious attacks on a network, stop the exfiltration and then analyze the extent of the data loss. The candidate’s success can be measured in if/how hints are used, their overall scoring on tasks, and success against objectives.

Evaluate Candidates in Real-Time with 24/7 browser access to on-demand, real-world scenario activities.
Assess cyber competencies against other candidates and co-workers.
Examine a candidate’s strategic approach to cyber security practices with problem-solving exercises.
Retain top talent with persistent training access to grow in skill and open doors of opportunity for career advancement.

Invest in your cyber security candidates and talent!

Learn more about Project Ares plans to keep cyber talent acquisition and retention processes formalized.