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Hands-On Cyber Training with
Project Ares

Does organizational cyber risk keep you up at night?

In the wake of persistent cyber-attacks on financial organizations and departments worldwide, the C-Suite and security and risk leaders need proactive solutions that prioritize risk mitigation. Immersive cyber training can alleviate concerns related to issues of compliance, cyber ‘insecurity,’ and rapid incident response.

Company networks are better protected with professionals who are prepared to address any adversarial attack at a moment’s notice.

Help your cyber professionals train with Project Ares: a hands-on cyber training solution, so that security posture is strengthened persistently and proactively.

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How cyber security and risk mitigation go

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Build specialized skills aligned to NIST/NICE’s Work Role Framework.
Quickly respond to cyber-attacks by training in realistic scenarios inspired by the latest threats.
Integrate skills and optimize strategic thinking abilities with multi-faceted cyber activities.
Train on your terms with browser-based access to learn skills anytime.

Invest in your cyber security team!

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