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with Project Ares Cyber Training

Do you have gaps in cyber readiness?

Is your organization really ready to handle the next cyber-attack?

Are you concerned about cyber risk mitigation, monitoring, and incident response?

Well-trained frontline defenders can ease cyber preparedness worries.

Project Ares is an award-winning online cyber security training platform suitable for any business looking to persistently harden its posture with a people-first approach. We can help you:

  • Hire the best talent
  • Train in realistic scenarios
  • Boost team morale

Organizations looking to protect their company from cyber-attacks have two primary pains:

  • Lack of budget
  • Lack of personnel

Companies are hard-pressed to find talent and skills that match their readiness needs.


of organizations say their #1 concern is their lack of skilled security personnel.



of today's graduates entering the talent pool possess a skill set in cyber security

Cyber security training is usually a low budget line item swimming in a sea of bigger business priorities.

Yet tighter budgets does not have to mean cutting corners on cyber training.

Hardening organizational posture starts with people:
The frontline defenders who are battling incoming threats to the network.

To ensure those professionals are equipped with the skills and competencies to fight proactively, they must train and hone their skills persistently.

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provides the immersive, hands-on scenario cyber training necessary to help protect organizational networks and reputation.

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** Note: Project Ares is NOT available for individual purchase.**

They are best used in training courses and certification prep from two of our Education Partners. You will find that these courses enrich learning by incorporating the Project Ares scenarios into a specific cyber curriculum and focus areas.

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Upskill Cyber Teams With Hands-On Scenario Training

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Empower cyber security teams with realistic training environments.
Learn the latest tools, tactics, and procedures on common emulated virtual networks.
Assess team performance through user leaderboard metrics and milestones.

Invest in your team.

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