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Are you a student preparing for your first job?

Changing careers?

Are you intrigued by the field of cyber security and looking to dive deeper into a professional practice?

You've come to the right place!

With remote work more commonplace and cyber jobs in demand, Circadence’s Project Ares platform can help you kickstart your career in cyber.

Learning cyber security doesn’t have to be intimidating, drawn out, or costly. In fact, we believe learning cyber security should be FUN, AFFORDABLE, and ACCESSIBLE to all.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Get hands-on experience inside Project Ares.

There's a world of opportunity in the cyber field.

ISC2 estimates that over 4 million cyber professionals will be needed to fill the widening industry skills gap.

You can be one of the energetic, skilled professionals that employers are searching for!

Learning + Fun is education at its best

Project Ares is gamified with scores, XP, badges, and more.
Chat with other players.
Build community for support, help, or the competitive vibe.
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can help you prepare!

  • It is designed to support progressive learning
  • Start wherever you need to and build up skill on skill
  • There are foundation cyber security learning games (yes, games!)
  • Move up by applying those concepts in realistic cyber scenario activities

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Kickstarting a cyber security career

We sat down with Dr. Dan Manson of Cal Poly Pomona to learn more about resources that help cyber students gain experience and skills in the industry.

Additional Resources

Prepare for cyber security certifications with hands on practice.
Build professional credentials through NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework inspired learning paths.
Train on your schedule from any location with browser-based access.
Learning is relevant as you build skills in single and multi-player exercises that are inspired by real-life cyber incidences.
Global chat feature creates a ‘community’ of cyber enthusiasts—just like you!