Improve Cyber Security Skills with Project Ares

Can you confidently keep pace with sophisticated hackers?

Unsure if the knowledge indicated in your cyber certs and accreditations is still fresh and ready to demonstrate?

With persistent threats on the rise, now is the time to embrace a new way to train in cyber security

Project Ares is an award-winning online cyber security training platform suitable for professionals looking to advance in their career.

Keeping pace with threats and hacker sophistication is hard work.

Cyber certs and accreditations can get stale and out of date.

But keeping up through classroom lectures or videos is less than exciting. The information is hard to hang on to and really use. And it feels disconnected from what you have to do on the job everyday.

  • Build cyber skills
  • Stop imminent threats
  • Repeat

Welcome to a whole new way to make training and
cyber skill building easy... with a bit of fun thrown in.

We think it's time to change how
cyber professionals learn cyber security.

Project Ares is a new level of experience-based learning for cyber professionals.

You get your hands on the keyboard and your head in the game.

When you take action, you get to demonstrate your cyber “fitness”.

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Try it out to keep skills sharp and then all your hard-earned credentials, certifications, and accreditations will truly reflect your ability to protect organizational networks.

We'd love to learn about your cyber training needs.
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** Note: Project Ares is NOT available for individual purchase.**

They are best used in training courses and certification prep from two of our Education Partners. You will find that these courses enrich learning by incorporating the Project Ares scenarios into a specific cyber curriculum and focus areas.

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Strengthen your cyber security reputation

Advice for cyber leaders to protect their profession with strategic cyber training options.

Additional Resources

Build your resume: As you build your skills, align them to the NIST/NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.
Improve at work: Train in realistic networks against real-world inspired threats to be better cyber defender for your organization.
Cyber is complex: Be prepared. Integrate skills and optimize strategic thinking abilities with multi-faceted cyber activities.
Train on your own schedule with browser-based training available anytime, from any location.

Invest in your team.

Learn more about Project Ares to keep the cyber skills sharp in your organization.