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The Circadence executive team and board of directors is comprised of the best and brightest in the cyber and business industries. Our executive leadership has more than 250 combined years of experience driving innovation, business growth, and cyber defense for leading enterprises, academic and federal agencies. Leadership and the board members possess deep passion for service and unwavering commitment to protecting national security.

  • Co-founder, President and CEO

    Michael J. Moniz
  • Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

    Christopher T. Blisard
  • Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Peter-Christian Olivo
  • Chief Technology Officer

    Bradley Hayes
  • Executive Vice President of Government Relations and Development

    R. Bradley Prewitt
  • Senior Vice President of Engineering

    Ian MacLeod
  • Vice President of Marketing & Creative

    Wes Knee
  • Vice President of Finance

    Todd Kannegieter
  • Vice President of Strategic Innovation

    Joshua Selfe
  • Vice President of Content Development

    Karl Gossett
  • Vice President of Cyber Education and Training

    Craig Koroscil
  • Board Member

    Craig Asher
  • Board Member

    John Harlan Jr
  • Board Member

    John Kelley
  • Board Member

    Charles Lamphere
  • Board Member

    John Shoffner
  • Co-founder, President and CEO

    Michael J. Moniz

    Michael J. Moniz is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Circadence® and has established the company as a leader in cyber range, cybersecurity readiness, and risk mitigation solutions. Under his direction, Circadence has secured more than 40 patents, many focused on high-growth market segments such as cloud and mobile computing. Moniz co-founded VR-1, an early visionary in online multiplayer games, establishing titles such as Fighter Ace and UltraCorps on Microsoft’s Gaming Zone, seven titles with AOL and content distribution agreements with Sony.