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Practice Makes Perfect

See how Project Ares delivers hands-on experience

Watch the video that sets up a threat landscape
Perform actions on a simulated secure shell terminal and virtual network remote desktop
Learn how the platform works in the interactive trial

Try More Games

Learn the intricacies of regular expression while fighting robots to save humanity!

A cyber Learning Game within Project Ares, Regexile builds your knowledge of regular expressions.

It is educational: Learn to sequence text strings to define search patterns and how meta characters can help uncover data patterns.

It is fun: Form the regular expression quickly – it’s the way to save your army from the enemy robots that seek to destroy you!

Investigate and solve industry specific network problems.

An award-winning prototype learning game (not currently part of Project Ares), NexAgent teaches cyber security basics in a whole new way.

It is educational: Learn to understand, investigate, and solve specific network problems. Using a full function Command Line Emulator, you'll be the Agent that protects the network.

It is fun: Like a first-person action video game, YOU are the Network Agent. Story based scenarios come to life inside this immersive training environment.

Test your knowledge of cyber history, terms, and practices.

A Jeopardy-style cyber learning game teaches cyber concepts through categorized topics, just like the trivia game we know and love.

It is educational: Learn about browsers, phishing, ports and protocols, cryptography, cyber attack history, and cyber defense.

It is fun: The question-answer format allows 'contestants' to play individually or in teams. Clues are presented in the form of answers and players must phrase their responses in the form of a question. Play today and rack up points!