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Mission M0E - Tutorial
M0E - Tutorial

Difficulty: foundational

Estimated Play Time: min

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Learn how to work through a mission and complete the tutorial.


Conduct a cyber defense assessment mission on the power distribution plant in the Yamara district of Formica. The end state of the assessment will be a defensible power grid, local defender ability to detect attempts to compromise the grid, and local defender ability to attribute any attacks and respond accordingly.

Intelligence reports that the power grids in the Nation of Formica are being targeted by an advanced cyber threat actor who seeks to demonstrate its global power. Experts are concerned that smart grid technologies, which use the internet to connect to power meters and appliances, could allow an attacker to overtake thousands-if not millions-of unprotected devices, preventing power from being delivered to end users.\n Regardless of whether power generation, transmission, or distribution services are targeted, attackers must first conduct extensive research, gain initial access to the utility business networks, move through the business networks to gain access to control systems, and then identify targeted systems and develop the capability to disable them.

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