It’s intriguing. Often lucrative. Dynamic. And always exciting. It’s the world of cybersecurity!

National Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week takes place November 9-14 and is organized by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). It is a week dedicated to promoting the benefits of entering into a cyber career and advancing to thrive in the profession that is so in-demand right now.

To celebrate the week, we asked our internal Circadence staff to share some of the things they most enjoy about their jobs in the cyber industry, or just because they work for a cyber training company. Here’s what they had to say:

In addition to these testimonials and stories, we want to encourage aspiring and seasoned cyber professionals to grow in a cyber career year-round so we’ve taken several steps to host webinars and share thoughts from our subject matter experts on the best ways for folks of any background or skill level to get into cyber security and start learning the disciple and practicing skills needed for today’s workforce.

Practice in Cybersecurity Makes Perfect – See how Project Ares delivers hands-on experience for aspiring and seasoned cyber professionals at any stage of their career.

  1. Develop your cyber career year-round with these resources.
  2. Experience the benefits of gamified cyber range learning in Project Ares trial scenario.
  3. Play cyber trivia in Trivia Loot, perform network security in award-winning NexAgent, and practice your regular expressions in RegExile.
  4. Schedule a demonstration consultation to dive deeper into your specific cyber learning objectives and see how Project Ares can empower your cyber career growth.