Circadence® Board of Directors Members

  • Chairman of the Board

    Dr. Alf L. Andreassen, chairman of the board, joined the Circadence board of directors in August 1999. After receiving his Ph.D. in physical chemistry from Cornell University and completing a postdoctoral fellowship in materials science also at Cornell, Dr. Andreassen began his professional career at the Applied Physics Laboratory of Johns Hopkins University (APL/JHU), rising to direct the Systems Group in the Ballistic Missile Submarine Defense Program for the U.S. Navy.

  • Craig Asher joined the Circadence Board in October 2012. Mr. Asher has a successful track record of developing software companies and has been a key team member in three successful software startups: Commerce One; Trigo Technologies; and the internal IBM startup for InfoSphere Traceability Server. He has guided major software implementations at over 50 customers in markets including retail, medical products, pharmaceuticals, and general distribution.

  • John Kelley joined the Circadence board of directors in November 2009. Previously the chairman and CEO of McDATA Corporation (Nasdaq listed), Mr. Kelley rebuilt the management team; introduced multiple products simultaneously on a global basis; acquired and integrated both private and public companies; modernized the company’s aging business processes and systems to meet compliance requirements and prepare for growth; and ultimately grew the company from a $200 million to $630 million annual revenue stream during one of the most tumultuous times for the technology industry.

  • Charles R. Lamphere joined the Circadence Board of Directors in October 2012. Mr. Lamphere is President and CEO of Van Vlissingen and Co., an Illinois headquartered commercial real estate developer. Mr. Lamphere is also a principal in Vital Financial, a Maryland based venture capital firm. As CEO of Van Vlissingen and Co., Mr. Lamphere has led the development of over eight million square feet of office and industrial space and completed over a billion dollars in commercial real estate transactions. In addition to his commercial real estate activities, Mr.

  • Lt. General, USAF (retired)

    Kenneth A. Minihan, Lieutenant General, USAF (retired), joined the Circadence board of directors in November 1999. Lt. Gen. Minihan retired from the U.S. Air Force on June 1, 1999, after more than 33 years of active commissioned service to the nation. On his final tour of duty, he served as the 14th director of the National Security Agency (NSA)/Central Security Service, a combat support agency of the U.S. Department of Defense with military and civilian personnel stationed worldwide. As director, he was the senior uniformed intelligence officer in the Department of Defense. He has also served as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He has more than 30 years of experience in national, defense, and military information services, information technology development, and diverse customer support services.

  • Chief Executive Officer

    Michael J. Moniz is the co-founder, President, and CEO of Circadence and has established the company as a leader in the Network Optimization and Cyber-Defense Market. His commitment to financial viability, strategic acquisitions, and the development of innovative intellectual property has driven Circadence’s strong, continued growth in the WAN solutions market. Notably, in 2008, he led the company to a first place ranking in the Deloitte Fast 50. Under his direction, the company has secured 24 patents, many focusing on high-growth market segments such as cloud and mobile computing.

  • USAF (retired)

    General Michael E. Ryan, USAF (retired) joined the Circadence board of directors in February 2004. Currently, Gen. Ryan is the president of Ryan Associates, a consulting firm focused on national defense. Gen. Ryan served as the 16th chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, where he was responsible for organizing, training, and equipping a force of over 700,000 active duty, reserve, and civilian members. He serves on the board of directors of Alion Science and Technology, CAE USA, SELEX-SAS, United Services Automobile Association, and VT Services. He is chairman of the board of Air Force Villages Charitable Foundation and is a senior trustee of the Air Force Academy Falcon Foundation.

  • Michael R. Steed joined the Circadence board of directors in August 1999. He is the founder and managing partner of Paladin Capital Group located in Washington, D.C. Paladin has multiple private equity funds that primarily invest in expansion capital and buy-outs in small- to medium-size worker friendly companies. Paladin’s Homeland Security Fund is focused on companies that have products, services, and technologies that will help prevent, defend, and cope with the immediate aftermath and recovery from terrorist attacks, national disasters, and other inappropriate and criminal activity. They also work with alternative energy companies that reduce dependency on foreign sources of oil and that support distributive power solutions.

  • John Shoffner joined the Circadence Board in October 2012. From 1980 to 1997 Mr. Shoffner served as President and CEO of Dura-Line Corporation, a global manufacturer of fiber optic cable installation products and services serving the major telecommunication providers in over 60 countries. During his tenure, Mr. Shoffner grew the company from approximately $1M to over $200M with a net earnings performance of over 30%.